Approaching towards NetZero

What can help you Carbon Emission Tracking? 
Explore sustainable finance with Mark Campanale, founder of Carbon Tracker. Discover groundbreaking concepts like 'stranded assets' and the 'carbon bubble' shaping global strategies. Mark's influential journey and commitment to merging finance with sustainability offer a unique perspective to gain insights into the evolution of sustainable finance and the future.
To reach net zero emissions by 2050, annual clean energy investment worldwide will need to more than triple by 2030 to around $4 trillion
This will create millions of new jobs, significantly lift global economic growth.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Carbon Tracker Initiative and its significance in the sustainable finance landscape.
  • Uncover the top goals of Carbon Tracker, offering insights into the priorities and challenges of the organisation.
  • Dive into the mind of a leader with a rich history in sustainable financial markets, absorbing lessons and experiences from two decades of pushing boundaries.
  • Explore the strategic challenges and solutions envisioned by Mark for a sustainable future in finance and beyond.
  • Understand the broader context of the 'stranded assets' and 'carbon bubble' concepts and their role in shaping global financial strategies.


Carbon Emissions Tracking

Sustainable Finance

Stranded Assets

Decarbonisation Pathways


Course Lessons

Introduction of Carbon Tracker

In this video, you will delve into the Carbon Tracker initiative's origins, purpose, and mission, understanding its pivotal role in global finance and sustainability. We will also shed light on the broader aspirations and roadmap of this organisation.
Furthermore, you will familiarise yourself with the hurdles and challenges Mark and his team face, while also uncovering their vision for a sustainable world and his reflections on the future intersection of finance and sustainability.

Meet your instructor - Mark Campanale

Founder and Executive Chairman, Carbon Tracker Initiative

Mark Campanale is a distinguished Sustainable Investment Analyst with a remarkable career in global finance and environmental advocacy. In 1990, Mark co-founded the Ecology Funds business at Jupiter Asset Management, pioneering sustainable investment strategies.
He continued his commitment to sustainability as the leader of NPI Global Care Funds from 1994 to 1999, further establishing his reputation as a visionary in the field.
Mark's impact on the industry extended to Henderson Global Investors, where he managed the Industries of the Future Fund. His remarkable achievements continued as he took on the role of managing AMP Sustainable Future Funds in Australia, successfully growing assets under management (FUM) to an impressive £3 million+.
Mark Campanale is recognized as a specialist in thematic investment strategies, with a particular focus on private equity funds in frontier markets. His insights and expertise in sustainable finance have positioned him as a thought leader in the field.
Mark's contributions to the discourse on climate change and global finance have been significant. He has authored and been featured in several influential publications, including articles such as "Climate Change and Global Finance: Is the Financial Sector Reaching a Tipping Point?" and "Mark Campanale: How the Carbon Cassandra Onverted the Sceptics." His thought leadership extends to public speaking engagements and podcasts, such as the Sustainababble Podcast, where he discusses critical topics like the Carbon Bubble.
Mark's dedication to sustainability has earned him numerous accolades and recognitions throughout his career, including being named an Ashoka Fellow in 2020 and appearing on the Evening Standard's "1000 Most Influential Londoners" list in 2018. He has also received awards such as Business Green NGO of the Year and The Guardian's Sustainable Leader of the Year, further underscoring his significant contributions to the field of sustainable finance.
Mark Campanale's work has had a transformative impact on the world of finance, ushering in an era where sustainability and responsible investing are at the forefront of global financial discussions. His passion, dedication, and innovative thinking continue to inspire change and progress in the industry.