Cryptocurrency in Action: Understand the Fundamentals of Crypto

Learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies: what they are, how they work, as well as what some of the main misconceptions associated with them are.

We invited our expert, Sophia Shluger, to share her journey to becoming a leader in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Apart from the essential fundamentals, you will also get a full SWOT analysis of crypto and learn what the rare certainties in crypto are (if there are any).

You will also have an opportunity to think about the future, where this blockchain highway is taking us and what possible consequences of that might be, including those on the climate and sustainability in Finance.
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Online Course


50 min





On Completion
With this online course, you will:
  • Understand the definition, classification, and significance of digital assets
  • Gain insights into the role digital assets in investment portfoliosIdentify the most common misconceptions about cryptocurrencies
  • Comprehend the role of regulatory frameworks in shaping the adoption and growth of digital assets
  • Grasp the need for thorough research, due diligence, and risk assessment before making investment decisions in this field

Sophia Shluger

Managing Director for Europe at Amber Group
Sophia is a Senior executive and digital assets specialist working at the intersection of technology and finance and applying more than a decade’s worth of deal making, investment advisory and general management experience to institutions.

She has an extensive track record from Goldman Sachs, Santander XP and American Express of successfully building new and existing institutional relationships and partnerships and establishing new businesses within fast paced industries.

Entrepreneurial, self-starting leader and resourceful problem solver with excellent communication and negotiation skills. Strong relationship building aptitude and proven capability to sell, think critically and proactively influence internal and external stakeholders. Creative, adaptable and persistent in driving outcomes at hyper scaling institutions within dynamically changing environments.

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"There are of course other training platforms on financial professions, but THINK is unique in focusing exclusively on innovation topics, and manages to constantly renew itself, with new speakers and new topics, to always stick as closely as possible to the latest trends."
François Caron
Group Innovation Market Intelligence team leader
"I am extremely privileged to be a CFTE - Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship alumni. A robust learning experience of one of the most disruptive Fintech innovations."

Bilal Noushahi
Strategy and Business Development Manager