Cybersecurity: Fighting Tech With Tech

We are receiving threats, files and attachments that expose us on a daily basis. Cybersecurity is a core pillar which has a massive impact, protects organisations and keeps them secure in this tech world we are living in.Understanding what are the different types of cyber-threats out there, how to protect yourself and avoid getting into dangerous situations, is mandatory nowadays.

Learning the best practices in Cybersecurity, and understanding how they are actually implemented will help you feel safe and leverage the best from the digital world we live in.

This course is here to guide you in understanding cybersecurity, digital trust and how to improve your cyber hygiene. In the course, you will learn the tools and applications that will help you improve and strengthen your cybersecurity.
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Online Course


55 mins





On Completion
With this online course, you will:
  • Understand what is cybersecurity
  • Discover the tools that will improve your cyber hygiene
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and risks of cybersecurity in finance
  • Learn about designing effective cyber strategies for financial institutions
  • Get familiar with the principles of zero trust and its applications


Cyber Strategy

Financial Services

Digital Trust

Zero Trust

Danny Lopez

CEO of Glasswall
Danny is a proven and versatile leader with a track record of success as a banker, senior diplomat, C-level exec and advisor. He has operated at the highest level in both the private and public sectors internationally and thrives in dynamic, innovative, results-driven environments with a strong sense of culture and values.

He is passionate about building and leading highly-motivated teams. He has strong strategy, commercial, operational and marketing skills as well as a deep understanding of working in a disruptive technology environment.

Danny speaks regularly on platforms across the world on cybersecurity, geopolitics and the intersection of market disrupting technologies and government policy.

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François Caron
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