Sustainable Investments

We want to invest in companies that have the same values as we do, who truly care about the climate change and actively take action to tackle this issue. The principal is simple, but the implementation can be very confusing, with all this “greenwashing” out there.

That’s why we invited our expert, Duncan Grierson, the CEO and founder at Clim8 Invest, to help us learn what we need to know to make informed decisions about our finances and appreciate the actual impact they have on the environment.

In this course you will understand the important role of Fintech in allowing you to manage your finances in order to help the climate, while avoiding falling into the trap of misleading and false companies’ advertisement. You will also learn what actions and regulation are already in place to fight against this “greenwashing”.
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Online Course


30 min





On Completion
With this online course, you will:
  • Understand the current landscape of sustainable Investments.
  • Learn what “greenwashing” is
  • Identify the role of Fintech in sustainability, recognizing the role of regulators
  • Understand the need to combine financial services with climate actions
  • Discover how to make sure your money is invested in truly green initiatives

Duncan Grierson

CEO & Founder at Clim8 Invest
Duncan Grierson is the founder and CEO at Clim8 Invest, a Fintech company which focuses on making investing in organisations that work on tackling climate change easier and more reliable.

He has experience as a Private Equity Lawyer at Clifford Chance and Managing Director at Iona Capital Ltd. He has also founded and co-founded a number of Cleantech companies, which work in fields such as waste-to-buiofuel, plastic recycling, solar battery storage and wind turbine composites.

As CEO at Clim8, Duncan raised over £100 million in venture capital from Goldman Sachs. He is also the winner of EY Entrepreneur of Year Cleantech award.

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