BigTech & Financial Services

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30 mins

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Big Tech companies are entering financial services at a rapid pace. This short course outlines the motivations behind the entry of Big Tech firms into the financial sector and investigates the impact this trend will have on the wider ecosystem. With a view from both the East and West, participants will gain an understanding of the threats these new entrants pose to incumbent financial institutions and why regulators need to take notice.

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Janos Barberis

Co-founder, Super Charger Ventures
“Janos Barberis is Co-Founder of Supercharger Ventures. He skillfully combines academic rigour with an unrivalled entrepreneurial spirit. He has an established track record in the FinTech Industry (named 32nd Most Powerful Dealmaker globally, Institutional Investors, 2018) and in academia (13th legal scholar in the world, SSRN, 2018). He is driven to deliver actionable insights which have benefited the business transformation and innovation of Tier-1 financial institutions, across 400 B2B partnerships with cutting-edge technology start-ups. Janos currently focuses on the financial stability implications of BigTech firms, given their “too-large-to-ignore scale” and promotes a sustainable finance agenda via start-up business models. He leads a team of 18 people across key FinTech hubs, including Hong Kong, Singapore & London. “

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