Online Fintech Programme | FINTECH 360°

15 Mins Daily. Learn the Skills of Fintech, Payments, AI, Open Banking and RegTech.

Taking your career to the next level with fintech

Programme Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Fintech
  2. The Rise of Fintech
  3. Understanding Fintech Innovation
  4. Players in the Fintech Industry
  5. Expert Q&A
  1. Introduction to AI
  2. AI Technologies
  3. AI’s Applications in Finance
  4. AI Trends in Finance
  5. The Role of People
  1. Introduction to Open Banking
  2. Open Banking Technologies
  3. Business Models
  4. Regulations & Standards
  5. Open Banking Applications
  1. Introduction to Payment Innovation
  2. The History of Payments
  3. Global Regulation
  4. New Payment Innovations and Technologies
  5. Payment Strategies
  1. Regtech Fundamentals
  2. AML & KYC
  3. RegTech for Regulators & SupTech
  4. Digital Regulatory Reporting
  5. Data Regulation

Top CEOs, CIOs, Founders and Experts you will be learning from

Industry experts from leading fintech companies and financial institutions

How does it work?

15 mins daily learning

Unlock bite-sized 15-mins videos everyday to learn about the next big thing.

360° Fintech View

This course offers a 360 view on Fintech, focused on what matters.


Dozens of finance experts curated this course who know what skills and knowledge you must learn.

Network & Community

Go beyond traditional learning by interacting with experts and learners with forums and discussions. 

Who is this for?

The non-techies who want to understand technology to leverage its benefits

The students who want to boost their employability in financial services

The decision-makers who want to stay ahead and transform their organisations or jobs

The curious minds who always want to bring the best ideas to the tables

With Fintech 360, you will

Frequently Asked Questions

THINK is an all-in-one ‘Financial Technology Learning Hub’ that offers continuous learning material to stay on top of the latest trends to excel in your career in digital finance, 365 days a year. 

THINK combines the power of unlimited short online courses taught by leading industry experts, the most exciting fintech events and an engaged fintech community for 2-way social learning that goes beyond the classroom. 

THINK aims to prepare the next generation of financial technology professionals, entrepreneurs, technologists, executives and anyone who wants to get into Finance 2.0.

Fintech 360 is an online fintech programme designed for professionals eager to learn more about financial technology.

Fintech 360 aims to cover all facets of the fintech industry. From fintech innovation and new business models to technologies impacting the financial sector like artificial intelligence and machine learning. This fintech programme covers it all.

The programme offers a unique learning experience with a micro-learning format, meaning that participants will unlock daily 15-minutes modules, focusing on one subject at a time. An opportunity for learners to access executive education while continuing their career.

When starting the course, you will be enrolling to THINK’s 7-day free trial, with no commitment or credit cards required. Therefore, you can learn about Fintech the first week for free to try out this course. So why not start now and give us some feedback?

There are no prerequisites for this course! From beginners to experts, everyone who wishes to gain insights, learn from the best experts, and transform their career in finance with fintech – is welcomed to start this fintech course.

Yes! This course is self-paced and online, without a specific start date. The daily course progression starts the moment you enrol. Everyday, you will be unlocking new modules to explore and learn from.