BigTech & Financial Services

Should financial services be part of your tech strategy?
Unlock the motivations behind the entry of tech giants into the financial services sector, and investigate what long-term impact of this trend with the leader for accelerator cohorts of 49 start-ups that have raised over US$500 million.
According to Oracle's estimates, the value of the embedded finance market is expected to exceed US$7 trillion in the next 10 years.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Understand what is motivating Big Tech to enter financial services
  • Familiarise with the major players driving the Big Tech trend
  • Explore how Big Techs entered finance in both Eastern and Western Markets and how they plan to continue their growth
  • Learn what gives Big Tech a competitive advantage over incumbent financial institutions
  • Analyse the regulatory challenges and opportunities for Big Tech firms in the financial services industry

Big Tech


Financial Regulation

Financial Ecosystem

Incumbent Financial Institutions

Course Lessons

Big Tech Entering Finance

In this chapter, we will explore the various reasons why Big Tech firms are entering the financial services industry, including the desire to expand their customer base, the opportunity to leverage their existing technology and data assets, and the potential to disrupt traditional financial players.

Big Tech and Regulation

In this chapter, we will examine the regulatory landscape for Big Tech firms operating in the financial services industry. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities that Big Tech firms face as they navigate this complex regulatory environment and the impact of these regulations on their ability to compete with traditional financial institutions.

Competitive Advantages

In this chapter, we will compare the competitive advantages of startups, banks, and Big Tech firms in the financial services industry. We will explore how each type of player approaches innovation, customer experience, and regulatory compliance, and how these differences impact their ability to succeed in this highly competitive market.

Meet your instructor - Janos Barberis

Co-founder of Supercharger Ventures

Janos Barberis skilfully combines academic rigour with an unrivalled entrepreneurial spirit. He has an established track record in the FinTech Industry (named 32nd Most Powerful Dealmaker globally, Institutional Investors, 2018) and in academia (13th legal scholar in the world, SSRN, 2018). He is driven to deliver actionable insights which have benefited the business transformation and innovation of Tier-1 financial institutions, across 400 B2B partnerships with cutting-edge technology start-ups. The 49 start-ups across Janos’ accelerator cohorts have raised over US$500 million and are regularly listed as leading FinTech companies, globally.