Big Tech Stock Crisis: Explained

How can you proactively take control of your investments?
Learn about the crisis around Big Tech Stocks, and complex reasons behind the banking crisis with the Head of Wealth Management of a leading investment trading platform.
Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which was the 16th largest bank in the U.S., collapsed on the 10th of March. The assets lost in its failure amounted to roughly US$209 billion, making it the 3rd largest bank failure in U.S. history..
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With this online course, you will:
  • Understand the multifaceted reasons behind the banking crisis, with a spotlight on SVB's dramatic downfall
  • Unravel the roles and reactions of key market actors and regulators during the banking collapse
  • Get equipped with insights on financial risk management vital for startups in today's volatile economy
  • Gain an in-depth analysis of the Federal Reserve's future trajectory and its implications on markets
  • Discover the factors driving the US market and discern the strategies being adopted by investors in response

Start-up Investing

Banking Crisis

Federal Reserve Market Impact

Tech Stocks

Financial Risk Management

Course Lessons

The Banking Crisis Explained

Step into the eye of the 2023 banking storm, dissecting the series of events and decisions that culminated in the downfall of SVB. Understand the rapidity of depositor withdrawals and its potential ripple effect across Asian markets. Delve deeper into the chain reactions set off by various market players and regulators. By the close of this chapter, participants will also grasp essential financial risk management strategies, tailoring them to the needs and challenges faced by startups in a post-crisis landscape.

Market Outlook

Shift your lens to the horizon, analysing the potential moves and strategies of the Federal Reserve in the wake of the SVB debacle. Unravel the mysteries of the Q1 US market, particularly the enigmatic rally led by a handful of tech giants. By unearthing the strategies and moves of investors post-crisis, this chapter equips participants with a nuanced understanding of the market's trajectory and the strategic opportunities and pitfalls that lie ahead.

Meet your instructor - Ken Shih

Head of Wealth Management GC at Saxo Market

Ken Shih has an over 19-year track record of delivering outsized sales and business development growth from startups to multinational corporations. He has extensive US/Hong Kong/China financial markets knowledge and client management experience, quickly establishing strong rapport and trust with clients. Ken is a dynamic communicator who not only creates excitement and differentiation leading to new business opportunities but also provides inspiring leadership internally.