DeFi Tools and Application

Traditional vs Decentralised Finance - which is the future?
Delve into the revolutionary world of DeFi and gain practical knowledge in past, current, and future developments of tools and applications in the industry, with the founding partner of a specialist blockchain venture capital fund. 
Revenue in the DeFi market is projected to reach US$26,170.0m in 2024, according to Statista.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Understand the concept of Democratisation of the financial services
  • Explore the relationship between traditional Finance and DeFi
  • Investigate different use cases of NFTs
  • Learn about the development of DeFi products
  • Delve into the challenges and opportunities in the Blockchain technology sector





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Course Lessons

Future of DeFi

This chapter explores several key aspects of decentralised finance (DeFi). It discusses the concept of "Democratisation" in the context of the internet and financial services, along with the benefits and drawbacks of a global decentralised financial system. The current DeFi ecosystem is examined, including the involvement of startups, fintechs, big techs, and institutional players. The chapter also delves into the changing attitudes of traditional institutions towards DeFi and the potential convergence between the two worlds. The evolution of regulation in DeFi is addressed, highlighting the role of regulators in promoting a safer environment and discussing the future of regulation. Additionally, the challenge of interoperability across platforms and countries is explored, questioning the likelihood of overcoming this technical barrier.

NFT Use Cases

This chapter explores the evolving concept of ownership through NFTs. It questions the intrinsic value of digital assets compared to physical assets and discusses the value of NFTs in the metaverse. The role of NFTs in the gaming industry is examined, considering whether they are simply collectables or if they add additional features to games. The chapter also highlights the ability of artists to create NFTs with embedded smart contracts, enabling automatic royalty payments. It concludes by asking about other potential use cases of NFTs that are exciting and anticipated.

Developer Tools

The chapter addresses the challenges and opportunities in the blockchain technology sector. It discusses the scarcity of developers with the right skills, despite the significant investments in the industry. The demand for both hard skills and soft skills in developers is examined, along with the role of educational institutions in bridging the skills gap. The chapter raises concerns about whether only big players with resources will be able to thrive due to the lack of talent. It also explores how to differentiate genuinely promising projects from poorly structured solutions in a saturated market. Lastly, it questions whether Big Tech companies will successfully embrace Web3 or if new startups will eventually outpace them in innovation.

Meet your instructor - Baptiste Cota

Founding Partner at LeadBlock Partners

Baptiste is one of the founding partners of LeadBlock Partners. He focuses on deals in Fintech, Impact and Gaming. His fundamental investment background and passion for tech drove him naturally to blockchain/web3.