Foundational DeFi

How can you get a head start on your
DeFi journey? 
Delve into the foundations of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) by gaining an understanding of the transformative potential of blockchain from a visionary leader in the technology and blockchain industries.
The blockchain technology market is expected to grow to nearly US$70 billion by 2026.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Understand the functioning of Capital Markets in today's age and how blockchain plays a pivotal role in its evolution
  • Grasp the implications of blockchain in the insurance sector, from its impact on policyholders to its role in streamlining processes
  • Unearth the transformative potential of blockchain in digital banking
  • Recognize the synergy between Venture Capital and Blockchain
  • Forecast the future trajectory of blockchain across various sectors


Capital Markets

Digital Banking


Venture Capital

Course Lessons

Blockchain and Capital Markets

Navigate the intricate pathways of modern Capital Markets. Delve into the roles of key players, the operational nuances, and the transformative role blockchain promises. Explore practical case studies where blockchain is making its mark and envision a future where decentralised ledgers might be the norm, enabling faster, more transparent, and more efficient financial transactions.

Blockchain and Insurance

Step into the evolving world of insurance in the blockchain age. Delve deeper to understand why leading institutions are pivoting towards this disruptive technology. Discover its multifaceted benefits, from empowering policyholders with more transparent processes to potentially trimming intermediaries, enhancing efficiency. Get a sneak peek into avant-garde products tailored with blockchain's touch, heralding a new era of trust and efficiency.

Blockchain and Digital Banking

Analyse how traditional banking paradigms are being challenged, fostering prospects of enhanced financial inclusion. With Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) entering the mainstream, comprehend their role in this new financial landscape. Could blockchain be the key to a universally accessible, transparent, and swift banking system?

Venture Capital and Blockchain, State of the Union

Embark on a deep dive into the symbiotic relationship between Venture Capital – the fuel of innovation – and Blockchain technology. Analyse the shifts in VC funding patterns, as blockchain projects transition from being mere curiosities to potentially reshaping global financial infrastructures. With the horizon continuously evolving, speculate on the future pathways blockchain might carve in the years to come.

Meet your instructor - Yves Guillaume A. Messy

Head Tutor, Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme

Yves Messy is a dynamic and forward-thinking C-Suite Engineering & Product Executive, bringing an impressive blend of expertise to the tech and blockchain industries. At just 32 years old, Yves has already established a reputation as a leading authority in various cutting-edge technologies and blockchain platforms.His specialisation includes Bitcoin (Rust), zK / Zero Knowledge EVM (Ethereum 2.0) blockchain use cases, NEAR, DFINITY, Aptos, Sui, and Cosmos. Yves is passionate about blockchain technology and its transformative potential in industries, with a primary focus on Capital Markets, Financial Services, and Insurance Technology. Yves Messy's tech stack prowess is extensive, encompassing Rust, C++, Go, and C#. He's not only well-versed in blockchain development but also proficient in SWIFT, FIX, SIX, SAP, REST, Graph QL APIs, and ISO 20022 standards, demonstrating his versatility in integrating various systems and protocols. With his diverse skill set and forward-thinking mindset, Yves Messy is a visionary leader in the technology and blockchain industries. His ability to blend cutting-edge technology with practical business applications positions him as a sought-after executive, capable of driving innovation and transformation in today's rapidly evolving landscape.