Green Fintech Innovation

What can help you strengthen your ESG strategy?
Learn about the impact of ESG in the financial services industry and how you can improve your footprint and make a positive impact on the ecosystem, with the Chair of a fintech forum comprising a collaborative global community.
Global investments in the ESG fintech sector were projected to reach US$28 billion in 2023, as mentioned by KPMG.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Analyse the definition and key components of ESG criteria and how they are used to assess the impact of a company's operations
  • Understand the significance of ESG and its influence on investment decision-making
  • Evaluate the differences in how sustainability is viewed and prioritised in different parts of the world and the role of government and regulation in shaping these views
  • Recognize the challenges posed by corporate lobbying and the importance of transparent, science-based decisions
  • Explore the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities and the role of ESG in addressing these issues



Green Finance

Climate Change


Course Lessons

Introduction to ESG

Geilan begins by explaining that ESG criteria are based on global reporting standards and are used by investors in different ways depending on their beliefs. She breaks down each of the three components of ESG – environmental, social, and governance – to provide a better understanding of their meaning and significance. The perception of a company’s commitment to ESG criteria can impact its chances of success and financial returns.

PESTL of ESG in Financial Services

In this chapter, we will discuss the various factors that influence the adoption of ESG practices in the financial services industry. We will begin by examining the role of government and regulation in shaping the sustainability landscape. We will then look at the differing perspectives on sustainability in different parts of the world, and how cultural and economic factors can impact the prioritisation of ESG issues. Finally, we will discuss the challenges posed by corporate lobbying and the need for transparent and science-based decision-making in the development of sustainability frameworks and regulations.

Meet your instructor - Geilan Malet-Bates

Chair of The Green FinTech Forum at P27

A former FinTech strategy consultant, and after time spent in Switzerland, in 2018 Geilan co-founded Plenitude to help individuals align their ESG values with their savings & pensions. She led Plenitude’s acceptance into the FCA’s Green FinTech Challenge and more recently, the Zurich-based F10 FinTech Accelerator.
As a recognised thought leader, Geilan is a regular contributor to green finance debates, and consultations and has authored articles too. In addition to being the UK representative of the W Startup Community, a global initiative promoting diversity & inclusion in tech, she is the Co-Editor of a pending book on Green Finance and Fintech.