Human-Centred Design

Is it critical to consider Human-Centred design for your Financial Services?
Delve into the foundations of Human-Centred Design and the principles of successfully applying it to your financial services, with the Head of Experience Design at a Technology and AI Consulting firm that provides innovative technology solutions for businesses across the globe.
Financial services statistics reveal that 78% of customers would continue using their bank if it delivers personalized content.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Gain a foundational understanding of Human-Centred Design (HCD) and its key principles
  • Learn to articulate why HCD is important for financial services
  • Analyse real-world examples to see how HCD drives innovation
  • Understand how to apply HCD to your projects and organisation
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge to lead a shift from institution-centric to user-centric design

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Course Lessons

What is Human-Centred Design

In this chapter, you’ll be introduced to the concept of human-centred design. You’ll be diving into the principles of human-centred design and problem-solving with people’s lives and desires at the core of the solutions. Moreover, you’ll be following a case study of IDEO, innovator in human-centred design in their products, services, experiences and social enterprises.

Why Human-Centred Design is important for Financial Services

In this chapter, we will investigate the role of human-centred design in financial services. We will discuss financial products and services, and how they used to be focused on what is right for the institution rather than what is right for the customer or end user. We’ll also cover how you can de-risk new ventures and create game-changing digital products by breaking that mould.

How to apply Human-Centred Design to Financial Services

When creating a new product, service or experience, human-centred design is key to winning audience adoption. In this chapter, you will learn about techniques and tools that can either be used by you, your team or contracted parties, to have human-centred design at the core of your business model.

Meet your instructor - James Bickerton

Head of Experience Design at Synechron

James is the perfect coach to teach those eager to navigate Human-Centred Design since his passion and craft both lie in the pursuit of understanding the balance between brand, experience and value. He has 20 years of experience working with leading brands like Timberland, Sony and Cadbury to create award-winning digital advertising campaigns, to more recently globally recognised experience design for HSBC, Virgin, Visa and start-ups Tido Music and Farepilot. He now resides at Synechron UK, as the head of experience design helping financial institutions build next-generation experiences.