Inclusion in Technology

How can you further consider inclusion in your financial services?
Learn about inclusion in financial services and how you can incorporate accessibility as you design your products and services, with a life peer in the house of lords, and a renowned paralympic swimmer.
In 2022, 6% of adults were ‘unbanked,’ meaning that they do not have access to traditional banking services, such as savings or checking accounts.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Understand Lord Holmes' unique background and how it led him to focus on inclusion and innovation
  • Learn Lord Holmes' perspective on emerging technologies like blockchain, crypto, metaverse, and smart cities
  • Gain insight into how governments can enable and regulate new technologies like crypto for public good
  • Recognize the opportunities for digital inclusion and social inclusion through new technologies
  • Appreciate the transformative economic and social potential of combining technologies like AI, blockchain, IoT, and the metaverse

Policy Evaluation

Blockchain Literacy

Metaverse Conceptualisation

Critical Thinking


Course Lessons

The Story of Lord Holmes

This chapter provides background on Lord Holmes' unique life journey and how it led him to focus on inclusion, innovation, and technology. It discusses his upbringing and early goals, his experience of losing his sight as a teenager, and the assistive technology that enabled him to continue pursuing his education and sports dreams. It also touches on how his reliance on basic but empowering assistive technology sparked his interest in emerging tech like FinTech and RegTech that can unlock human potential. 

Blockchain, Crypto and Metaverse

This chapter covers Lord Holmes' perspective on emerging technologies like blockchain, crypto, metaverse, and smart cities. He discusses the transformative economic and social potential of these technologies, especially when combined, to unlock human potential and inclusion. However, he notes that the technologies themselves are just tools - their impact depends on human leadership and getting the governance right.

Digital Technology for Public Good

This chapter covers Lord Holmes' perspective on the opportunities for the UK with emerging technologies like crypto, RegTech and blockchain to enable financial and social inclusion. He discusses the need to build an appropriate regulatory framework that balances innovation and consumer protection, both domestically and globally

Meet your instructor - Christopher Holmes

Investment Manager at Tokentus

Christopher Holmes, Baron Holmes of Richmond, is a British former swimmer and life peer in the House of Lords. He won a total of nine gold, five silver, and one bronze medal at the Paralympic Games. Holmes represented Great Britain at four Paralympic Games between 1988 and 2000 and is the only British Paralympic swimmer to win six gold medals at a single Games.
He worked as a journalist and solicitor. He was Director of Paralympic Integration for the London Olympics and it was announced that he would be elevated to the House of Lords in August 2013, as a Conservative Party peer. His core policy focus is on digital technology for the public good, with a particular interest in technologies such as AI and Blockchain, and areas of application such as: FinTech, GovTech, RegTech, Assistive Tech and EdTech. Other key policy areas are social mobility, employment, education, skills and culture, media and sports.