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Introduction to NFTs

Should you invest in NFTs?  
Strengthen your knowledge in the fundamentals of non-fungibility and its latest manifestation in the form NFTs from a Product Manager with practical knowledge of the complex worlds of NFTs.
The NFT market is expected to reach a high of 19.31 million users by 2027, according to Statista.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Understand what NFTs are and how they work
  • Learn about the foundational concept of non-fungibility and its relevance in the digital world
  • Understand why NFTs have value, and how they are transforming digital ownership
  • Analyse major NFT use cases, including Art, Gaming, and the Metaverse, with insights into groundbreaking projects
  • Uncover the challenges, opportunities and future outlook of this nascent technology


Digital Assets


Art & Gaming


Course Lessons

What is an NFT?

In this chapter, we will introduce the concept of non-fungibility and how NFTs really bring this concept to digital assets. We will explore some of the reasons why NFTs really can push the boundaries of what is possible in a digital world. Then, we will have a glance at the history behind these strange digital assets, and outline some of the landmark projects that paved the way for the innovation we see today.

Key Concepts

In this chapter, we will discuss the technologies that underpin NFTs and look into 3 main areas, blockchain, tokens, and smart contracts. We will then see how these technologies facilitate the valuable properties of NFT such as transparency, transferability and of course, uniqueness.

NFT Use Cases

In this chapter, we will look into three of the main early use cases; Art, Gaming and the Metaverse. We will see how art has become one of the primary use cases for NFTs, and outline two of the largest NFT art collections; Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks. Then, we will look at CryptoKitties and see how this strange but pioneering application utilises NFTs to create a collectable game around digital pets, and also Axie Infinity, who have built upon the innovations of CryptoKitties to create a more immersive gaming experience with NFTs at the core. Finally, we will look into the Metaverse and see how NFTs are a useful tool to mimic features of the physical world, in new, digital universes.

The NFT Market & Ecosystem

In this chapter, we will look at three key pillars of the ecosystem: Networks, marketplaces and wallets. We will look into the main players and understand how they combine to create an open ecosystem for creators and market participants. We will then investigate the investments that have been made into the NFT market, looking into the incredible growth in 2021.

Challenges and Future Adoption

In this final chapter, we will look into some of the limitations and challenges of the adoption of NFTs. We will look at technical literacy, network scalability and regulation as well as discuss the number of scams and fraudulent activity that is common in the ecosystem.

Meet your instructor - Elijah Deas

Product at Copper

Elijah holds an Undergraduate degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. He worked in the Open Innovation unit of the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange before joining CFTE, where he now currently sits as Product Lead. At CFTE, Elijah develops product and content roadmaps and works closely with CFTE’s expert network to create world-leading content in the areas of Finance and Technology. Elijah has designed and developed a number of real-world NFT projects and has written research on the impact of distributed technologies on financial markets.