Introduction to Quantum Computing

How can you get ahead of the market and harness quantum computing for finance?
Learn about Quantum Computing in Finance with the VP having over 20 years of experience and is now delivering solutions at a state of the art quantum computing software company.
The global quantum computing market size is projected to reach US$5274.9 million, by 2030.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Understand the fundamentals of quantum computing and how it differentiates from traditional computing
  • Learn about the critical applications of quantum computing in Finance
  • Examine the need to embrace quantum computing to avoid missing out on a competitive advantage
  • Understand the process of adoption in banks, from simulators to using quantum computers over the cloud
  • Gain insights into the anticipated role of quantum computing in financial services

Quantum Computing

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Course Lessons

What is Quantum Computing?

The applications of quantum computing in the finance sector include proofs of concept for portfolio optimization, option pricing, cybersecurity, financial modelling, and credit risk analysis. The majority of calculations performed by banks can benefit from a quantum approach, or a hybrid approach combining classical and quantum computing. Banks may start with simulators and progress to using quantum computers over the cloud. These applications have the potential to impact the bottom line of the bank positively and provide a significant advantage over traditional classical computing approaches.

 Quantum Computing and Financial Services

Financial services is expected to be among the first sectors to benefit from the active use of cloud computing. The exact timeline for quantum computing to be ready for widespread adoption in the finance sector is unknown and depends on the complexity of the calculations and the size of the data set involved. Banks are pursuing different approaches and using different hardware to explore the potential of quantum computing.

Meet your instructor - Simon Fried

Co-VP of Business Development, Classiq

With over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing, and strategy, Simon Fried is passionate about delivering quantum computing software solutions to consultancies, enterprise customers, and leading quantum practitioners. As the VP of Business Development and Marketing at Classiq, he leads the global business development and marketing efforts to promote and position the platform as the best-in-class quantum computing software tool that automatically synthesises , optimises, analyses and executes any quantum circuit, compatible with all gate-level environments and hardware platforms.