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Introduction to Trading, Stocks, Crypto and Currencies

How can you make your money work for you?
Establish a solid foundation of stock markets, cryptocurrency ecosystems, and forex trading and learn how to protect your investments, from the Market Analyst of a leading trading platform with over 30 million users.
The total crypto market volume is valued at US $101.18 billion as of mid-January 2024, as stated by CoinMarketCap.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Gain a solid grasp of the basic principles underlying stock markets, cryptocurrency ecosystems, and forex trading 
  • Learn how to apply effective risk management strategies to protect investments 
  • Develop the ability to perform fundamental and technical analysis to evaluate investment opportunities and make data-driven decisions
  • Understand the psychological aspects of trading, such as emotional discipline and cognitive biases, which can impact decision-making processes
  • Acquire hands-on experience with trading platforms and simulation tools to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios

Market Analysis

Risk Management

Investment Strategy

Technical Analysis

Trading Psychology

Course Lessons

Market Overview

Chapter 1 provides a foundational understanding of the trading world, covering the essentials of market overview, trading facts, and strategies. It begins by defining various marketplaces like stock, bond, FX, and derivatives markets, emphasising the importance of understanding market influences and individual risk profiles.

Introduction to Trading Stocks

Chapter 2 provides an introduction to stock trading, explaining the basics of equity markets where company shares are issued and traded. It highlights the importance of understanding one's risk appetite and investment goals, as well as the necessity to consider different equity sectors and their performance across business cycles. 

Introduction to Trading Crypto

Chapter 3 provides an overview of the cryptocurrency landscape, explaining that cryptocurrencies are digital currencies secured by cryptography, operating on a decentralised network. It highlights the volatile nature of the market, its potential for high returns and significant losses, and its increasing real-world applications, such as paying for goods and services.

Introduction to Trading Currencies

Chapter 4 delves into the fundamentals of trading currencies, emphasising the importance of understanding exchange rates and the factors that influence them, such as economic data, monetary policy, politics, and technical analysis.

Useful Resources

Chapter 5 details various free and paid resources beneficial for traders and investors. It recommends websites like Trading Economics for economic calendars and data, Investopedia for financial terms, and for real-time data and earnings calendars.

Meet your instructor - Sam North

Market Analyst at eToro

Sam North is the Trading School Lead at eToro and Co-host of eToro's Digest & Invest podcast. He also delivers virtual and in-person events to help educate people on financial markets.
Sam started his trading career as a Futures Trader at Amplify Trading over 7 years ago. He then went on to hold a variety of different positions from Analyst to Associate to Head of Trader Development. Sam is passionate about helping others develop their own financial knowledge and build wealth. He spends much of his time visiting universities, associations and the sport teams eToro sponsors, teaching aspiring investors how to trade and invest.