Fintech & Innovation

Leading Digital Transformation in Banking

How can banks adapt a successful digital transformation and customer-centric solutions?
This course offers insights into the strategies and outcomes of digital transformation within the financial industry, emphasising the impact on customer experience, operational efficiency, and the broader economic landscape.
With worldwide spending on digital transformation is expected to reach 2.4 trillion in 2024 according to Forbes.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Adapt to new digital tools and technologies for navigating and succeeding in digitally transformed environments.
  • Understand customer needs, enhance customer satisfaction, and manage customer experience across digital platforms.
  • Analyse digital data, interpret insights, and make data-driven decisions to improve digital services and customer experiences.
  • Manage organisational change, especially in the context of digital transformation.
  • Develop the ability to think creatively to solve problems and implement innovative solutions in a digital context.

Technology Adaptation

Customer Experience Management

Analytical Thinking

Change Management

Innovative Thinking

Course Lessons

The Digital Transformation Framework

This chapter discusses the multifaceted impact of digital transformation in the banking sector, emphasizing a business-led approach over technology-driven efforts. It delves into how internal and external factors shape the pace of digital transformation and outlines the critical need for banking systems to evolve beyond outdated infrastructures towards innovative, digital-first strategies. Key highlights include the emphasis on stakeholder engagement and the shift towards a culture embracing digital innovation.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Digital Banking

Exploring the dramatic impact of COVID-19 on the acceleration and adoption of digital banking. The pandemic, serving as a significant catalyst, prompted a shift towards digital payments and platforms, supported by responsive regulatory measures to ensure the banking sector's resilience and service continuity.

Strategic Digital Transformation

Chapter 3 details a mid-sized bank's digital transformation post-2020, highlighting strategies that surpassed fintech innovation, leading to significant advancements and its evolution into a challenger bank. Additionally, it explores launching a pivotal e-commerce gateway, fostering a digital commerce revolution in Pakistan, through innovative merchant aggregation and collaborations, significantly benefiting SMEs.

Meet your instructor - Ali Naqvi

Chief Digital Officer - Askari Bank 

A financial services expert with over 20+ years of experience across the full spectrum of Digital Financial Services, Consumer Banking, Digital Transformation, Retail Banking, SME Value Chain, and Transaction Banking along with Risk and Operations Management.
Credited for driving partnerships & collaborations through various value chain players, (Regulator, Fintechs, Telcos, Payment Schemes, Development Organisations & Banks), of financial eco-system attributing industry-wide scale and impact.
A trained Business Revitalisation & Turnaround practitioner with a proven record in Product Management, New Product Development, Go-to-Market Planning & Execution, and Business Strategy & Planning.