Navigating Digital Transformation

What can help you achieve a successful digital transformation?
Learn how to navigate through the complex world of Digital Transformation through a unique lens of neuroscience with the Founder of a think tank and research institute..
The average failure rate of digital transformations is at 70% as of 2023, according to a study conducted by McKinsey.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of digital transformation from a neuroscience perspective and its relevance in today's Financial Services sector
  • Discover the fascinating parallels between the human body's central nervous system and an organisation's structure, and how fostering plasticity can lead to enhanced adaptability
  • Learn about the infinite potential of the human brain, how to harness it, and the role of AI and ML in the future of learning
  • Understand the unique value proposition of the human brain in an era where automation is on the rise
  • Embrace a positive outlook on the future, shedding fears and apprehensions, to thrive in a constantly evolving landscape

Digital Transformation


Continuous Learning

Organisational Plasticity

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Course Lessons

Introduction to the expert

Step into the world of Benjamin Bargetzi. Beyond the titles, get to know the man behind the expertise. This chapter lays the foundation for our journey, providing a window into Benjamin's personal experiences, and his profound wish: a world where the trepidation of the unknown future is replaced with anticipation and excitement

The science of Digital Transformation

This chapter challenges you to reconsider what you thought you knew about digital transformation. Drawing intriguing parallels between the complexities of the human brain and that of evolving organisations, it encourages you to see digital transformation as more than just a buzzword. By examining the concept of plasticity in both neurological and organisational contexts, you'll unravel how even the most traditional institutions can achieve unparalleled adaptability in the face of disruptive change

Learning to change

What does it mean to learn in an era increasingly dominated by AI and Machine Learning? Benjamin offers a fresh, insightful perspective into the endless potential of the human spirit to learn and adapt. But with machines poised to take over numerous tasks, what remains the unique domain of human cognition? This chapter delves into the juxtaposition of man and machine, advocating for a future where both work together. As a parting note, Benjamin's optimism serves as a beacon, urging everyone to not just navigate but truly cherish the tumultuous yet exhilarating journey into the future.

Meet your instructor - Benjamin Bargetzi

Business Transformation & Digitalisation Expert, Founder of ACIT Global

Benjamin Bargetzi is an internationally sought-after expert on business transformation strategies and the intersection of digitalization, innovation, change management, and neuroscience. 
He developed his unique business transformation methods by mapping cutting-edge neuroscientific research to his leadership experience in major digitisation projects within the big tech industry and consulting projects with world-leading companies.
As a keynote speaker, Benjamin Bargetzi is regularly invited by companies, conferences, and government organisations alike to talk about success strategies for the digital transformation process.