Quantum Computing in Financial Services

How can you leverage Quantum Computing in the realm of Financial Services?
Understand and explore collaborative initiatives by major institutions like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan as you go through an insightful journey into the quantum landscape in finance.
Globally, the financial services industry’s spending on quantum computing capabilities is expected to grow 233x from just US$80 million in 2022 to US$19 billion in 2032, according to Deloitte Insights report
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With this online course, you will:
  • Understand the current state and potential of quantum technologies in the financial services sector
  • Differentiate between the three main areas of quantum computing development: optimisation, simulation, and machine learning
  • Understand the advantage of solving complex mathematical problems in finance faster and more efficiently with quantum computing
  • Recognize key financial institutions that are pioneering the adoption of quantum computing solutions
  • Anticipate the trajectory and implications of quantum technologies' adoption in Finance, as machines and algorithms evolve

Quantum Technology

Quantum Computing

Financial Services

Optimization and Simulation

Quantum Champion

Course Lessons

Quantum Computing and Financial Services

The three main areas of development for quantum computing in financial services are optimisation, simulation, and machine learning. Optimisation and simulation are already in use in the financial sector, but the machine learning aspect is still in its early stages.

Key Players in Quantum Computing Applied to Financial Services

The financial sector can benefit greatly from quantum computing in terms of faster and more powerful solutions to mathematical problems. Marco mentions that financial institutions should prepare for the era of quantum computing by having a small group of people, a “quantum champion,” who can understand the limitations and opportunities of quantum computers.

Meet your instructor - Marco Palumbo

Innovation lead at Innovate UK

Marci is the Innovation Lead-Quantum Technologies at Innovate UK, part of UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) and is the Ex-Principal Licensing and Ventures Manager at Oxford University Innovation

He has also received a Ph.D. in Engineering at Durham University