Risk Management in Financial Services

What can help you strengthen your Risk Management? 
Discover the digital future of financial risk management, crucial for institutions navigating the demands of compliance, risk mitigation, and operational optimization. Whether you're a finance professional or tech-curious, this course promises education and inspiration on how technology is revolutionizing risk management, offering insights into its impact on operational risk and regulatory compliance.
35% of risk executives said compliance and regulatory risk, among other operational risks, presents the greatest threat to their company's ability to drive growth. Another 35% said cyber or information risk was. (PwC)
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With this online course, you will:
  • Understand what RiskTech is and its transformative role in financial institutions.
  • Identify the primary technologies that are shaping the future of risk management.
  • Recognize the key players in the RiskTech landscape.
  • Get familiar with the integration of RiskTech with legacy systems and the significant role of data management and analytics.
  • Understand the challenges and key success factors in implementing and adopting RiskTech.


Financial Risk Management

Operational Risk Management

Data Analytics

Regulatory Compliance

Course Lessons

Cybersecurity: Fighting Tech With Tech

As the backbone of modern financial risk management, understand RiskTech's definition, significance, and the paradigm shift it's inducing in financial institutions. As digital threats evolve and regulatory landscapes shift, discover how RiskTech offers robust solutions to counter these challenges.

Applications of RiskTech in Financial Services

Delve deeper into the tangible applications of RiskTech. Unravel the cutting-edge technologies, from artificial intelligence to blockchain, that are setting new standards in risk management. Recognize the leaders and innovators who are both utilising and providing RiskTech solutions, ensuring that financial services remain resilient in a dynamic environment. Lastly, you will get a closer look at how RiskTech aligns with operational risk management, regulatory compliance, and the inevitable challenges of merging with legacy systems.

Adopting and Implementing RiskTech

Embarking on the RiskTech journey is not without its challenges. This chapter offers a roadmap, detailing the steps and considerations crucial for successful implementation. Get familiar with the challenges, from technological complexities to cultural resistance, that institutions might face. While technology introduces new tools and systems, the cultural shift often determines the success of their adoption.

Meet your instructor - Kevin Cousins

General Manager, FraudCheck

Kevin Cousins is a versatile business leader with a track record that spans the entire business spectrum. With extensive experience in Business Conceptualization, Establishment, and Management, Kevin has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to bring innovative ideas to life and manage them effectively.
With a passion for Business Development and a knack for Restructuring and Turnaround, Kevin has successfully transformed struggling businesses into profitable ventures while driving growth in established ones. He places a high value on Business Continuity and Stabilization, ensuring operational excellence.
Kevin's expertise extends to Business Integration, Placements, and RePositioning, where he has played a pivotal role in aligning businesses with the right opportunities and partners. He's a strong advocate for Business Automation, Analytics, and Intelligence, utilising technology to optimise processes and drive data-driven decision-making.
Kevin's leadership skills are evident in his ability to scale businesses and his strategic thinking. He's no stranger to Business Financing, and his talent for structuring deals aligns with the objectives of the organisations he works with.
Furthermore, Kevin is passionate about Business Transformation and Coaching, empowering individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable results. In summary, Kevin Cousins is a dynamic professional who excels in guiding businesses through every stage of their journey while fostering growth, stability, and innovation.