Startup Accelerator Explained

How do accelerator programmes help startups?
Learn about Startup Accelerators, and how they provide value to startups through expertise, networks, and know-how to speed up their growth, from the co-founder of an accelerator programme that has an aggregate portfolio valuation of over US $200 million.
The 50 most active accelerators across the world collectively backed 7,794 accelerator deals in 2022 — up 14% YoY.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Understand how accelerators provide value to startups through expertise and networks , and know-how to speed up their growth
  • Learn accelerators specialise in niche verticals like fintech or edtech to establish leadership in their chosen space
  • Gain insight into how accelerators identify emerging trends by interacting with startups and founders ahead of wider market adoption
  • Get insights on the level of startup due diligence conducted in accelerator programs that investors and clients struggle to replicate
  • Evaluate how accelerators are assessed based on consistent and enthusiastic alumni recommendations as an indicator of program quality

Accelerators Assessment

Evaluating Niche Accelerators

Recognizing Emerging Trends

Understanding Due Diligence

Gauging Accelerator Quality

Course Lessons

Cybersecurity: Fighting Tech With Tech

Provides an overview of accelerators, their value to startups, specialisation in verticals, identifying trends early, due diligence insights, and global innovation perspectives.

The terms of the cybersecurity equation in financial services

Focuses on evaluating accelerators based on founder experiences and alumni recommendations as the best indicator of a top program in its field.

Meet your instructor - Janos Barberis

Co-founder of SuperCharger Ventures

Janos Barberis skilfully combines academic rigour with an unrivalled entrepreneurial spirit. He has an established track record in the FinTech Industry (named 32nd Most Powerful Dealmaker globally, Institutional Investors, 2018) and in academia (13th legal scholar in the world, SSRN, 2018). He is driven to deliver actionable insights which have benefited the business transformation and innovation of Tier-1 financial institutions, across 400 B2B partnerships with cutting-edge technology start-ups. The 49 start-ups across Janos’ accelerator cohorts have raised over US$500 million and are regularly listed as leading FinTech companies, globally.