Strategic Marketing in Fintech

What marketing strategies can you employ to grow your Fintech?
Master Strategic Marketing in Fintech and Unlock the secrets to innovation, differentiation, & market success with insights from an industry leader.
Due to marketing, 88% of US consumers use fintech apps, a 52% increase from 2020 to 2021, a faster adoption than smartphones - Plaid.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Grasp the essentials of Strategic Marketing in Fintech.
  • Explore innovative marketing tools and tactics for fintech.
  • Dive into the unique marketing challenges and opportunities in the fintech sector.
  • Learn how to craft effective marketing strategies for fintech companies.
  • Understand the role of data and personalisation in fintech marketing success.



Competitive Positioning

Branding Innovation

Creative Experimentation

Course Lessons

Navigating Challenges in Fintech

In this chapter, we explore the crucial role of positioning when introducing new technology in Fintech. Identifying the problem your product solves and how it does so uniquely is foundational. We delve into creating unique solutions, using examples like Uber to illustrate innovation in solving existing problems, and discuss the importance of finding new use cases for technology.

Qualities of a Successful Fintech Marketer

Discover the key qualities that define a successful Fintech B2B marketer. From the necessity of being a versatile all-rounder, mastering core marketing domains—Communications, Product, and Revenue Marketing—to the importance of building a complementary team and the willingness to experiment. This chapter underscores the value of continuous learning and curiosity.

The Evolution and Future of technology in Fintech Marketing

Dive into the evolution of intent monitoring and the transformative role of AI in marketing. We examine how technological solutions address marketing challenges, caution against the overreliance on AI, and highlight AI’s potential for personalisation in marketing, stressing the need for balanced experimentation.

Milestones in a Fintech Marketing Odyssey

Follow a remarkable marketing journey from the inception of an online community for CIOs to the strategic repositioning of a regtech company. Learn about the steps taken to differentiate and scale a company, culminating in its acquisition. This chapter shares insights on effective partnership between sales and marketing, contributing significantly to the pipeline and company growth.

Advice for a young marketer

Gain valuable advice for early career development in marketing. Emphasising the importance of risk-taking, working across diverse company sizes, enjoying collaborative relationships, and fostering strong connections between sales and marketing. This chapter offers guidance on navigating your career path with confidence and creativity

Meet your instructor - Christine Bailey

Senior Director and Head of KYC Marketing, Europe & Africa - Moody's

Christine Bailey, known for her precision and strategic prowess in marketing, began her journey with a fascination for languages and marketing that led her to Germany. There, she ignited her career at HP, embarking on a lifelong path within the technology sector, from Cisco to various innovative pre-IPO companies. Beyond her professional pursuits, Christine developed a love for jive and ballroom dancing, balancing her meticulous work ethic with artistic expression.

Dubbed "Eagle Eyes Bailey" for her unmatched attention to detail, Christine chose to channel her analytical passion into academia rather than proofreading, earning a doctorate focused on data analytics and insights. This academic pursuit culminated in the publication of "Customer Insight Strategies" in November 2020, a testament to her dream of creating a practical marketing guide.

A champion of synergy between sales and marketing, Christine leverages insights for digital selling and shares her extensive knowledge on B2B Marketing, RiskTech, AML, AI, and Financial Crime through speaking engagements, including two TEDx talks. Recognised by Onalytica and listed as a B2B Thought Leader to follow, she's also a staunch advocate for diversity, inclusion, and gender balance, leading initiatives at Cisco and contributing to EWPN and Forbes Women. Christine Bailey continues to inspire with her innovative approach and dedication to driving the marketing and fintech sectors forward.