The Basics of Customer Experience in Financial Services

What can help you transform your customer experience?
Learn about the do’s and don’ts of providing a stellar Customer Experience and User Experience for your customers through practical cases of successful companies from the CEO of a leading digital consulting firm with renowned clients including Spotify and CitiBank.
88% of buyers say experience matters as much as a company's products or services, as mentioned by Salesforce.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Understand the evolving definition of Customer Experience (CX) and its roots in technology, psychology, and behavioural economics
  • Understand why customer experience is so critical today and going forward
  • Identify the three core elements vital to excellent CX design: personalization, timeliness, and predictability
  • Evaluate real-world case studies of standout end-to-end customer experiences
  • Develop strategies to involve customers in the CX design and development process

Customer Service

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Course Lessons

What is Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX)?

Customer experience, or CX, is not a new term. However, the rise of Big Tech and the increasing focus on psychological and behavioural economics in product and service development has given it a much deeper meaning. In this chapter, you will learn about customer experience, how technology, psychology and economics are making us think deeper about CX, the benefits of putting it front and centre in any product or service development plan, do’s and don’ts of customer experience, and considerations for a regulated industry such as financial services.

Keys to creating a successful financial services CX and UX

Personalisation, timeliness, and predictability are at the core of good CX design. In this chapter, we will dive into each core element, showing leading examples and providing tips for quick ones. We will also explore leading examples from outside of the financial services industry as a means of inspiration.

 What does good UX and CX look like in practice?

What does a great end-to-end customer experience look like on a platform? What did the organisation do to achieve this? In this chapter, we will explore four case studies that demonstrate a great customer experience, identify what was done, and where the applications highlight how customers were involved.

Meet your instructor - Meaghan Johnson

Founder at Digital Magss

Meaghan is a seasoned fintech researcher and consultant with 12 years of experience driving customer-focused innovation in financial services. She is passionate about using emerging technologies and business models to increase financial inclusion, improve banking and create the best possible customer experiences.

Meaghan works with clients such as B2B banks, B2C fintechs, incumbent banks, consultancies, and digital product design agencies to create B2B and B2B user-centric products through quant and qual customer research and applying the jobs-to-be-done approach. Her strategic research supports companies in their go-to-market launch. It enhances their product and experiences, MVP development, VCs and large corporations in due diligence.