Fintech & Innovation

The state of FinTech in Pakistan

How can we turn Challenges into Opportunities? 
Learn how these innovations are pushing traditional banks to adapt, offering insights into the collaborative future of banking and finance in one of the world's most populous countries, driven by digital natives.
Growth in the fintech sector of the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan (MENAP) has been robust in recent years.
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With this online course, you will:
  • Understand how to design banking solutions with the customer's needs as the central focus, rather than product-centric approaches.
  • Learn digital platforms and technologies that are transforming the banking sector, such as mobile payments, digital wallets, and internet banking.
  • Understand Knowledge of banking and fintech regulations, including the roles of different regulatory bodies and frameworks that support fintech and digital banking innovation.
  • Leverage the strengths of each to enhance digital banking offerings.

Customer-Centric Solution Design

Digital Literacy in Banking

Regulatory Knowledge

Collaborative Skills

Innovation and Creativity

Course Lessons

Digital Transformation in Banking

Introduce the concept of digital transformation in banking, emphasising a business-led approach and the importance of stakeholder engagement in overcoming challenges like outdated infrastructure and resistance to change.

The Evolution of Fintech in Pakistan

Focus on Pakistan's fintech ecosystem, this chapter outlines the regulatory and infrastructural advancements that have supported fintech growth, particularly highlighting the role of the electronic money institution framework and sandbox initiatives.

Advancements in Digital Payment Systems

Discuss the significant progress in digital payment systems in Pakistan, from the scarcity of POS machines to the widespread adoption of mobile payments, digital wallets, and internet banking.

The Role of COVID-19 in Accelerating Digital Adoption

Discuss the COVID-19 pandemic's role in accelerating digital finance, this chapter highlights how the crisis spurred innovation and adoption of digital banking services among consumers and businesses.

Introduction of Digital Retail Banking Licenses

The introduction of digital retail banking licenses in Pakistan

Signature Achievement in E-commerce Integration

Detail a landmark project to launch a second e-commerce gateway.

Meet your instructor - Ali Naqvi

Chief Digital Officer - Askari Bank 

A financial services expert with over 20+ years of experience across the full spectrum of Digital Financial Services, Consumer Banking, Digital Transformation, Retail Banking, SME Value Chain, and Transaction Banking along with Risk and Operations Management.
Credited for driving partnerships & collaborations through various value chain players, (Regulator, Fintechs, Telcos, Payment Schemes, Development Organisations & Banks), of financial eco-system attributing industry-wide scale and impact.
A trained Business Revitalisation & Turnaround practitioner with a proven record in Product Management, New Product Development, Go-to-Market Planning & Execution, and Business Strategy & Planning.