Tokenomics 101

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Gain the knowledge to navigate the dynamic world of tokenomics with expert Mona Tiesler who brings a wealth of experience as a venture capital investor at Tokentus Investment AG. Understand the basics of tokenisation, exploring its transformative potential in finance, and navigating the challenges it brings. 
The global Tokenization market size was valued at USD 2400.41 million in 2021 and is expected to expand, reaching USD 6086.6 million by 2027
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With this online course, you will:
  • Learn what a crypto token is and about the most successful business models in new finance
  • Understand more complex mechanisms such as mining, staking and yield farming
  • Get an overview of what Tokenomics is
  • Understand the relationship between Crypto and Fintech
  • Identify the main challenges being faced by fintech startups nowadays






Course Lessons


In Chapter 1, Mona explains that a crypto token is a virtual currency or denomination of a cryptocurrency that represents a tradable asset on its blockchain.

Relationship between Crypto and FinTech

In Chapter 2, Mona defines Tokenomics as the factors that impact a token’s value and usage, including its creation and distribution, supply and demand, incentive mechanisms, and burn schedules. She also distinguishes between minting and mining, explaining that minting is the process of generating new coins through the proof of stake consensus mechanism, while mining is the proof of work consensus mechanism that is more energy intensive.

Startup Business Models and Go-to-Market Strategies

In Chapter 3, Mona discusses the practicalities of minting and burning tokens. She explains that minting adds new tokens to circulation while burning removes tokens from circulation indefinitely, reducing the supply and potentially affecting the price of the token.

Meet your instructor - Danny Lopez

CEO of Glasswall

Danny is a proven and versatile leader with a track record of success as a banker, senior diplomat, C-level exec and advisor. He has operated at the highest level in both the private and public sectors internationally and thrives in dynamic, innovative, results-driven environments with a strong sense of culture and values.
He is passionate about building and leading highly-motivated teams. He has strong strategy, commercial, operational and marketing skills as well as a deep understanding of working in a disruptive technology environment.
Danny speaks regularly on platforms across the world on cybersecurity, geopolitics and the intersection of market disrupting technologies and government policy.